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The VintagexNature Story

What We’re All About

VintagexNature was founded in 2020 and has grown to become a highly recognized Boutique with a devoted clientele. We take the time to source products that are of good quality and are one of a kind. Whether you’re purchasing a product or service, we value customer satisfaction so be sure to leave a review and sign up for our loyalty rewards program. 

After constantly being stopped by strangers for her attire, who then are surprised to discover its origin, Shardé knew she had a gift that needed to be shared with the world. Shardé has turned her lifetime passion of thrifting into a business to not only help others but also the ecosystem through sustainable shopping.


She not only specializes in turning you into the bell of the ball no matter the occasion or budget but also in wardrobe revamping. Her services range from but are not limited to a personal stylist, shopper, and thrift tour guide for the Washington D.C and surrounding areas. Additionally, Shardé offers thrifting tips on her YouTube channel to help you become an adept thrifter.


When she’s not thrifting, she enjoys spending time with her husband & daughter, taking care of her numerous plants, hiking, or yoga. 


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Returns and Refunds

We strive to make sure our customers are satisfied. All items are specifically curated and sourced for you. For that reason, in addition to reducing carbon footprints and waste, we do not accept returns or exchanges. 

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